New Shift Knobs to Upgrade Your Car’s Interior – Cars Modification

One of the best personal touches you can give to your car is a brand new shift knob. These additions are a great way for a beginner to spice up the car’s interior without having to install anything complicated. There is a wide selection of shifters to choose from, so there’s bound to be one special shift knob for everyone. Oftentimes, many drivers who are new to the car game aren’t sure where to start with the modifications so these new aftermarket shift knobs are a great way for beginning enthusiasts to get their feet wet and in the game.If you are someone who prefers a more subtle racing look, then the carbon fiber or metallic black shift knobs would help your car’s interior resemble a race car. Drivers who like a more frivolous and fun shift knob could try some of the shift knobs that light up with a slight touch. They come in various selections, including single color light-up and even some that have multi-color light-up functions that cycle through various colors. There are some futuristic styles and some retro style shifters so there are so many types that cater to all kinds of personalities. If you are the driver who is not sure if you want a subtle look or a flamboyant display, you can opt for a nice middle ground style to showcase your car.These shifters are compatible for both manual and automatic shifters with a stock button-less operator. The various adapters allow for a simple installation so drivers do not need to worry too much about compatibility related issues. Installing new shift knobs is actually a relatively simple maneuver that involves twisting off the stock assembly for starters. If your new shifter kit comes with various adapter sizes, choose the one that is most appropriate for your stock size. Some new shifters are made with a soft moldable plastic and does not come with adapters. In this case, the threading is created during initial installation so the new assembly can conform to your vehicle’s specifications.Not all car modifications have to be extremely complicated or take a lot of time. There are plenty of very simple modifications that can completely spice up any vehicle’s interior and practically transform it into a brand new vehicle. The best part about aftermarket shift knobs if that they can always be swapped out into a new style to evolve with a driver’s constantly changing style for a brand new look any time.