Chrome Bulbs (Modify Your Ride and Get Chicks With One Simple Modification) – Cars Modification

If you do get chicks from just modifying your vehicle by adding clear lenses and chrome bulbs, let us in on the secret. Adding this simple modification is just one minor thing you can do to your vehicle.If you’re new to car modifications, this is something you can do yourself and won’t require a lot of “know how” to get this done. All you need is a screwdriver, remove a few screws, take out the old lenses, take out the bulbs, add the new bulbs and add the new lenses.If you don’t know what chrome bulbs are, they’re bulbs that are chrome in color. Some people call them mirror bulbs because you can see your own reflection in them. What does this do? It blends the bulb in with the rest of the vehicle. It actually looks as if there is no bulb in the socket.Why would this be important? Have you ever looked at a really cool vehicle and then notice that ugly looking yellow turn signal bulb? Even if they added smoked lenses or clear lenses to the turn signal, you would still have that ugly yellow bulb. Chrome bulbs have no hint of yellow at all, but once you activate the bulbs, they blink in the legal yellow/amber color.Just making this modification and adding other simple modifications like HID Headlights would give your vehicle the face lift that it needed. Whether you drive a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Chevy, whatever, chrome bulbs fit in any automobile or motorcycle.