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This custom car article is not so much about car performance as it is about style. Does it really matter how fast your car can go if it doesn’t look good while going fast? Lets look into some methods in which you can customize your car to make your car look as hot as it goes.Customizing your car has a lot to do with custom car modification even if it has nothing to do with engine performance. Throughout this review, I will discuss ways in which you can personalize and customize your car to set it apart from the crowd.There are numerous customizations available on the market today consisting of both interior and exterior possibilities. Simply by tinting your windows, adding a customized body kit, nice wheels and some vehicle lighting, your vehicle will be unlike any other.There are a couple of things you should think about before you get started however. First, start off with a plan in mind. If you don’t have a plan from the start, your end result could be something quite embarrassing.By following a set plan, you end result would be a hideous surprise, rather a great accomplishment that will reflect something you can be proud of for years to come.Second, try to be original. This brings me to a huge part of vehicle customization: car led lighting. After you have installed car led lights, you car will look completely unique from the other vehicles out there.You can purchase many interior and exterior lighting kits through many different companies, however I have had the best luck with Varad. They offer a great product called Scanners. Scanners are visual theft deterrents, which are made up of extremely bright LEDs that deter break-ins before they occur. These Scanners are far more visible then the traditional dash mount alarm LED’s and they also will work on a vehicle without an alarm system.Another excellent product I have installed is the HID kit produced by Xenon. Xenon creates a superb HID High Intensity Discharged Lighting Conversion kit that provides many advantages when compared to other standard halogen lighting.These HID Lighting Conversion Kits contain 3 times the strength, which helps improve visibility and vision at greater distances. This whiter, brighter light is 10 times the longevity that cuts down in replacing bulbs. These HID lights are great for showing off your ride in shows and off road.The SL210 is Varad’s suspension lighting kit, which contains the brightest LED’s in the world. The SL210 comes with 4 LED emitters to be installed in each of the four wheel housings of your vehicle to create a look like no other. The strobe, brightness and breathing patterns can all be controlled by the digital controller. The kid comes in 5 bright colors including blue, white, red, orange and green.There are many car enthusiasts who take great pride in customizing their rides just for the ability to create a personalized look to fit who they are through personal style.Performance and style go hand in hand when it comes to modifying a vehicle that will stand out from the others. You can easily differentiate your ride from the rest just by installing simple car LEDs that will generate a styling in your ride unmatched by anyone else.

Chrome Bulbs (Modify Your Ride and Get Chicks With One Simple Modification) – Cars Modification

If you do get chicks from just modifying your vehicle by adding clear lenses and chrome bulbs, let us in on the secret. Adding this simple modification is just one minor thing you can do to your vehicle.If you’re new to car modifications, this is something you can do yourself and won’t require a lot of “know how” to get this done. All you need is a screwdriver, remove a few screws, take out the old lenses, take out the bulbs, add the new bulbs and add the new lenses.If you don’t know what chrome bulbs are, they’re bulbs that are chrome in color. Some people call them mirror bulbs because you can see your own reflection in them. What does this do? It blends the bulb in with the rest of the vehicle. It actually looks as if there is no bulb in the socket.Why would this be important? Have you ever looked at a really cool vehicle and then notice that ugly looking yellow turn signal bulb? Even if they added smoked lenses or clear lenses to the turn signal, you would still have that ugly yellow bulb. Chrome bulbs have no hint of yellow at all, but once you activate the bulbs, they blink in the legal yellow/amber color.Just making this modification and adding other simple modifications like HID Headlights would give your vehicle the face lift that it needed. Whether you drive a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Chevy, whatever, chrome bulbs fit in any automobile or motorcycle.

What is Car Tuning? – Cars Modification

Two terms are basic to talk about cars tuxedos, is a personalization and originality. This applies to the outside or body inside the cab and the mechanics of the car: the engine, wheels, suspension, brakes and more.The car also loses its appearance of vehicle series. The personal changes are not always approved (Approval of custom orders). May compromise safety at the expense of personal taste or whim, and the need to appear vain.According to some, an activity born in Europe between 1960 and 1970, specifically in Germany. There are several but the predominant trend is the U.S., where he managed a large development of the industry supported the customization of cars in a major market for repuestería and a trend that continued from the 30s with the legendary Hot Rods, representatives modifications of the first body and mechanics.The public reason for this move is growing, more and more events, rallies and better level, which explains personalization to spectacular levels.The styles found in the custom cars are:
Racing, Dub, Custom, Rat, Baroque, Extreme, Hot Rod and continue differentiation.Customizing cars is evolving as a fashion and style, so a part of the “urban culture” today. many car themes are available on the customizing This activity is an expression of cultural and urban environments is also tribal, very similar andalusia andalusia tattoo or piercing, which now also applies to cars. Events and exhibitions in the atmosphere are always present calendar girls with little clothing, another aspect of the identity of this activity.Characteristics of the car modified for customization tuning.Car Tuning – tuning characteristics The motor vehicle is one of their features modified factory exterior, interior and mechanically.The exterior changes are the usual expansion of body, especially at the height of the wheels, wider fenders, wheels with tires low heel, tires as original as possible, particularly striking and many inches – anchas -.Spoilers, new paint, tinted windows where the laws permit, drawings, plotters – casts applied -. Rear spoiler. Mirrors stylized.The interior is replaced by a sports steering wheel, carpets of other fittings with metal pedals-pedal – some ergonomic seats for sports, the CD player by a team of very powerful and sophisticated sound with large and heavy speakers .In modifying the mechanics of the engine and transmission system.The brakes should be all disc and suspension requires appropriate modifications to achieve more speed, often lowers the height of the vehicle.The cushions are often cut and replaced by others of a different provision.If possible to add a turbo kit to the engine and a nitrous oxide (N2O) – taking into account the risk.The exhaust system is changed and generally aletrado. Wanted better service and better performance as the design developed by the factory. The changes affect the aerodynamics, design and aesthetics.When you alter the engine power is used to raise some devices called chips for direct admission.